Fun vs. pleasant

I had a moment a few months ago.  I realized I didn’t know what “fun” was anymore.   So the first thing I had to do was analyze… What I learned was that a lot of what I’d defaulted to as “fun” isn’t actually “fun” – it’s just pleasant.  Or maybe it’s good and useful.  But not fun.

What do I mean by fun?  I mean an activity that takes me out of myself and puts me in the moment.  I mean that I’m laughing, or thinking about it.  If there isn’t laughter, there’s a sense of wonder, amazement or awe.   (The definition came today).  There is excitement, stimulation, energy.  Fun is centered in the body, much of the time.  Fun makes memories.

A very great deal of what I do is… nice.  Nice is nice.  Nothing wrong with nice.   But I am full up to here with NICE.  (First world problems, check).   It hit me pretty hard when I realized that the most “fun” I have is in the gym, on one-rep-max day.  Why is that fun?  Because it takes me back to being a kid.  Remember being a kid, and trying to be faster or jump farther than you could yesterday or five minutes ago?  That’s one-rep-max day.   But that’s kind of messed up, that the most fun I’m having involves a barbell.

I had fun the other day… DH and I got caught in the rain, and we were running through it and laughing.  That was unexpected fun.  Running is often fun.  Darn foot – I can’t run very long without paying high.   Dancing is fun.  I’m going to do more dancing around my living room with my headphones on in 2017.  Prepare for annoyed teenagers.    Playing games with a group of friends, staying up too late and getting giddy from being tired and dumb jokes is fun.  I can’t think the last time I did that.   (Being drunk is not fun, alcohol makes me queasy.  Many of the things that people do when they drink, however, *are* fun).

Has anyone else thought about this recently?  Does this spark anything?  When was the last time you had fun?  When was the last time you belly laughed?  When was the last time you made a memory – no, not a “hallmark moment”, I mean had a moment you know you’ll remember?

2017 is the year of being, not so much doing… and one of the gateways is going to be just plain fun.  So, what’s fun for you?


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