Gym Records: Dec 15 – Another DL PR


Another deadlift PR last night… so CLOSE to my goal of 300lb, so very close… I hit 295.  I tried 305, but that bar was stuck to the floor… I think it will probably take more than 2 weeks to pull it up.  Okay, I can deal.   I’m teasing Coach to have a backsquat PR day.  She doesn’t like going to maxes, she thinks it’s dangerous.  I think it’s fun…. well, I’m back to moving the numbers like crazy, so of COURSE I think it’s fun.

We warmed up like crazy for those DL – and I did more warming up and rolling etc during the course of the w/o.  After I’d done the snatch work, my back was tired.  (I had quite a lot of tension held in there after Mom’s big bday party last weekend).  I mostly did the snatches @ 53lb, I did a few at 73lb, but it wasn’t pretty *at all*.

Banana rolls are fun except it’s difficult to not use your shoulders or hips to roll.   It was 930 when I left the gym, so I didn’t get to the plank extensions.

Yeah, I’m still a bit blinky.  How is it that I can lift almost 300lb?  How is that even a thing?????


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