Finally …


Sorry for the delay on this.  I’d had everything but buttons and hem done for the last two weeks, but the automatic buttonholer wasn’t having anything to do with this many layers of flannel, so I had to think of plan B, and my life was too stressful for plan B during that time.  Finally feeling myself again, and put in the buttonholes with the zig-zag stitch … aka what you do for buttonholes if you don’t have a buttonhole feature. (It’s a pain, I forgot how annoying it is).

A dark picture to show you what it looks like all buttoned up.  The fit is good, except I guess in addition to vertical fat, I can get rid of the wedge of fabric I added for the tum.  That’s good news… Oh, and you may schedule Armageddon for next week, because I bought JEANS yesterday.  First pair of jeans I’ve owned in about a decade.  I was tired of not having pants when I needed them.  I’m not anti-pants for modesty reasons, I just don’t look very good in pants.

And here’s a picture of it the way I’ll actually wear it.  (Well lit).dsc05152

Love?  The fabric – this cotton flannel from fabricmart is a pleasure to touch, was a pleasure to sew with, and is snuggly perfection to wear.   Yarn dyed.  (Thank heavens).

Will tweak?  The fit – I need a bit lower armscye (thank you, lifting) and a bit more sleeve width.  And less tummy room, I have gobs.  Like, my clothes don’t fit differently, I don’t know where the heck I have all this extra room, but DUDE.

Challenges?  I just made a plaid shirt from 1) uneven plaid 2) with princess seams (so this shirt has eight pieces on the bodice to be matched, two pieces each sleeve to match).  I mirrored the plaid so that the pattern runs away from the center on both sides.  Even the sleeves match the bodice well enough, and the shoulders match.  This is a bit of plaid matching I can be proud of.  I’ve had a lot of “good enough” moments – this is a bit I can call well done.   It’s not perfect, but it’s close.  Can YOU tell?

French seams throughout.  I cut the collar, cuffs and button placket on the bias, for interest and to make me less likely to fall on my scissors.   Plaid was cut single layer, as it ought to be.  Cotton flannel is pretty easy to cut – okay, it’s really easy to cut! – so that wasn’t a problem.

That’s it… feel free to ask questions if you like.  Next I’ll make a plain white shirt in this pattern, I’m looking forward to it.


4 thoughts on “Finally …

    1. hearthie Post author

      Someone might have MENTIONED that jeans are now made of so much spandex that you shouldn’t be able to breathe in the dressing room in order to avoid saggy butt a few hours after putting them on…. I haven’t had jeans since they were made of cotton. You know, denim? Does anyone here remember denim?



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