Rolling towards annual reevaluation time

Nope, not time to drag out the 2017 resolutions yet – but it is time to start shuffling the cards, and seeing what we have on the table.

Things I know… 2016 was a year of Doing, 2017 needs to be a year of Being.

I regret nothing.  LOL.  Not true.  But my 2016 resolutions were good, and I don’t hate them.  I got a lot done.

But there needs to be balance.

That’s kind of what the weeks around Christmas and just after  Christmas end up being for me – a time to figure out where I’m most out of balance.   I guess that sounds weird?  But because the Christmas season is so insane, I have a good chance to look at the bits missing in my life.   What needs to be changed?

And there are some changes that need to be made.   That’s a good thing, stagnation is death.  I always want to grow, change, get better.

I need to find some Fun this year.   I need to push less and play more.  I need to find… myself.  Trite, with regrettable implications. Ignore the implications laid down by people who aren’t me, I’m not planning on running off and living in a yurt, my “find myself” might involve dancing around my living room more often, taking more walks on the beach, spending more time in the gym just messing around, and art.

Hoping for a year of flowers, long walks, laughter, and play.


One thought on “Rolling towards annual reevaluation time

  1. superslaviswife

    I really liked how this year went for me, to be fair. But that makes me all the more nervous about inevitable changes. Baby, work changes, getting more books sorted… Can’t really dodge them or do a repeat of this year. So I’m planning less and bracing myself for 2017 and whatever it throws at me.



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