Gym Records: Dec 5


We had a busy night last night, with lots of lifting, including one of my fav lifts, the back squat.  (HBBS = High-Bar Back Squat).   I should have taken that a bit more seriously, 70% was easy enough that I popped through it quickly instead of concentrating on form, and my lower back explained to me, fairly rapidly, that this wasn’t my best plan.  (70% = 164lb; 65% @ 144lb).

Bent-over rows BBC style are much better than CF style – easier on the back and just easier to do.  I was happy to go with the 65lb Rx.

Anderson Front Squats sounded great, but my lack of anything like a front-rack position sent me back to front-squats with dumbbells.  (60lb)

No jumping for me, so I did my DB split jerks as push-jerks @ 40lb – my shoulders were banded-kbspretty well done.

I guess Coach likes to kick our behinds… banded KBS again.  This is a picture of the top of the swing.  Ever used a kettle bell?  Ever used one of those exercise bands?  Would you like to put that together?  But – core.  For real.  No, you’re not going to get a flatter tummy faster without not eating, but you want your core strong?  I will be feeling this for days.  Belly button to tops of my thighs, front and back.  And some in my arms.  I found the lightest band and used a 15lb KB this time, and I’m not hurting like I did with a slightly (very slightly) heavier band and the 18lb KB.  It was mostly the tighter band – fighting to get it to height is hard.

Also yes, pink people get pinker when they exercise.  🙂

(I know I look terrible, don’t care, I’m not at the gym to look pretty, I’m there to work.  At the point someone asks you to roll around on black rubber mats that are walked on all day, you really don’t wear the cute clothes – I come back home, wash my hands and watch the grey run down the sink).


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