Gym Records: Deadlift PR

Was sick this week, so didn’t hit the gym.  However, we had a party on Friday night.  Party/workout – it’s the gym.  (Yes, CF gyms do this get-together thing).

I wasn’t up to really working-working out, I didn’t want a replay of my low-grade fever.  So, I decided to stretch out and just play with deadlifts.

And I added weight.  And more weight.  And more weight.  I very VERY carefully don’t count how much weight I’ve added until I’m done.  A few times I was so tempted to get a ballpark, and I just refused.   Apparently this has a name, the roll of lifesavers (that’s what my weights looked like, lol).

My last lift wasn’t hideous, but I was done – and I did it with good form.   Started counting…

284lb.  (Usually at the gym we round up to the nearest 5, but I’m in the mood for accuracy).

That’s 20lb on the PR I set about two months ago.

I’ve been at 250lb all year, which has been driving me nuts.  Last year I progressed so fast, and while I knew that the progress wouldn’t continue as fast as it had been, I wasn’t expecting it to completely freeze up.  (I hit 250 LAST October, so it was a full year on pause – all my other big lifts have been likewise frozen).

The coaches told me that this was normal, and I’d be stronger/better after I settled in.  So true!  This year instead of PRs, I’ve been getting better form.  Last year setting a DL PR would have left my back in pain for days.  Today?  Meh, a tiny bit achy.  My thighs were sore this morning when I got up.   My core has gotten so much stronger this year and my form is better.  And aesthetics and PRs aside, those things matter.

And with the heavy training I get in BBC, I’m starting to see the big results again.

Will it all be in time to hit my 2016 resolutions?  I don’t know.  My goals were to get a 300lb DL, 250lb backsquat and 150lb bench.  The DL and the BS seem almost possible.   Bench?  I’m a long way away and the increases there come very slowly. We’ll see, I suppose.  (FWIW we don’t do a lot of bench in CF.  More in BBC – but I’m not really “training” bench, and fewer of our exercises cross-train the pecs.  BS and DL train the same area, more or less).

Anyway.  Thursday was my 44th bday, I’d never done a deadlift before February of ’15… so I think I can be pretty pleased with this.   I’m doing some mid-life crisis introspection, but you know?  I’ll keep this.  This lifting stuff, it’s awesome.


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