I was in the mood for a bit more sewing time and said, “I don’t feel like fitting anything” .. which somehow ended up in a weekend of fitting a new buttondown.  Don’t ask, I’m not sure how that happened either.  Well.  I am.  I was cold and then I’ve been meaning to dsc05129make “just a few tweaks” to my old buttondown shirt and one thing led to another and then….

Then I ended up in pillowcases again.

Some weird fitting things going on.  I didn’t like the old fit through the shoulders, so narrowed those.  And then I noticed I had a lot of extra fabric through the upper chest and upper back, and even a bit of extra length in the mid-back and by the time I took all of that out (which, as you can see, made a much more nicely fitting shirt) the shoulders had gotten way TOO narrow, so I had to unnarrow them.

Of course then I made ‘just a few” little tweaks to the sleeve, which of course I did not *check* before cutting into my fashion fabric, which is now a bit wonky, but it’s late and that’s tomorrow’s problem.

Of COURSE I’m insane enough to make my shirt in plaid.  Uneven plaid.  A princess seamed shirt in an uneven plaid.  Maybe my next shirt should have realllllllllllllllly long sleeves?  :p

But I’ve got a good bit of the sewing done, so with any luck it should be ready to in a few more hours’ sewing, and you can see it.  LOVELY fabric, I’m enjoying my sew terribly.



2 thoughts on “Refitting

    1. hearthie Post author

      Thank you, but that’s a fitting muslin made from discarded pillowcases. Shirt’s still half-sewn, I kept sewing things on backwards. Soon though, I have a sleeve and collar, hem and buttons and we’re done.



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