Sewing… it’s been a while

One of items I am perpetually hunting for is a nightgown*

  • In which I can actually sleep
    • “In which I can actually sleep” means it must be a natural fiber and not cut on the bias or too tight or full of scratchy lace… and no buttons or zippers or other bulky closures, either.
  • That does not look like a potato sack
    • “That does not look like a potato sack” means it should look at least half-way decent without foundation garments.  I don’t sleep in a bra or corset.  The garment must be able to hold its own.

My husband **loves** soft silky stuff.  But I can’t sleep in poly charmeuse.  Sweatbox city.  I do know where to score reasonably priced silk charmeuse (in person, in the Garment District in LA).  I’ve made silk nightgowns before and they’re to die for.  They heat up nicely to just your body temperature, and it’s like you’re not sleeping in anything – only if you have to get up in the middle of the night, you’re clothed.  WIN.

But finding a decent nightgown pattern …

I’ve used a few Edwardian patterns, and they’re good for cotton, but no way was I putting a strip of beading lace on purple silk.  Just not happening.  (I’d bought the silk for a nightie some time back).

And then Colette Seamwork came out with this 20s-esque tunic pattern.  I thought, “why not?”  It’s everything I want in a nightgown and nothing I don’t.

So I printed, taped, cut and finally sat down to sew last night after supper.  I thought I’d finish up last night, and I would have, if I hadn’t had to rip out a few oopsies.   It’s a quick sew, and fairly easy.  The instructions are very clear, as with all Colette patterns.

This is the picture of my finished nightgown, in purple silk charmeuse – not modeled by yours truly, I don’t model lingerie or nightgowns.  And here’s the pic from Colette, which looks to be in some sort of charmeuse, with the side bits flipped to the wrong side for textural interest.  (This pattern has a lot of places to use different fabrics for visual interest – good in this sort of unfitted clothing).

Things I *didn’t* like :

  • with silk I obviously used french seams throughout my garment.  There are a couple of places in this garment where that wasn’t possible (too much layering) and it would have been helpful to have “finish the seams” explained a bit more.  I’ll make a short length of bias tape to cover those seams next time.
  • The facing that theoretically matches my neckline really REALLY didn’t.  I was tired and didn’t feel like drafting a new facing (not very difficult) so I rolled the neckline hem.  I wouldn’t do this for a garment I’d wear out of the bedroom, you need that neckline facing to keep the neckline from looking sloppy.  (I added a strap at the back neckline for support).

Basically this was an easy sew and the only things I don’t like are easily changed.   Unless a bit of wear makes it obvious that my current favor is misplaced, I have a feeling I’ll be rocking a few of these in various fabrics and lengths, for assorted purposes.  (I’m also always looking for a lightweight house-dress for summer…)

*I don’t do pajamas.  You’re kidding, right?  I barely tolerate pants when I’m working out or in the garden, you think I’m going to voluntarily *sleep* in pants?


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