Gym Records: 11-25-16

Hit CF this morning again – no BBC last night, of course.

Might as well have been BBC, the WOD was power clean & jerks + snatches.  Only in BBC we don’t rush through… :p

Very thorough warmup, with lots of stretching.  Then we hit the first part of the WOD, which was max effort pullups.  I still do pullups standing on the biggest band we have in the gym, and they’re still not pretty.   I got 43 in two rounds.  Had to outdo the silverfit girls (the older ladies).  That’s all I can say for those!

Second part of the WOD was 20 PC&J and 20 PowerSnatches.  After the work I put in at BBC I decided I’d better Rx that badboy or my coach would send me to time out.  65lb for women, do them as fast as possible.  As fast as possible was the hard part.  Well, and smacking the underside of my chin with the bar.  :p  6:54 isn’t too shabby in my world.  Everyone else did it in 3 though!   Whatevs.  I’m slow, but I’m strong.

Thanksgiving eating went well.  I wasn’t trying for it to go well, but of late I’m noticing that my appetite on not-working-out days is pretty minimal.  Why stuff yourself just to stuff yourself?   I did regret eating the thin-mint pudding pie and cocoa for dessert – too much sugar.  It was good.  Just too sweet.

My arms hate me.

And my upper torso (waist to throat) hated me after those bar-bell rows.  Hopefully the arms will stop hating me soon.


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