Gym Records: November 21


Coach was back from vaca, and noticed I wasn’t moving right (banded KB swings SUCK) and had me do a bit of add’l stretching.

This was a very short workout, finished it by 830, played around with handstands (woefully out of practice – stronger, but balance isn’t there) and toes-to-rings (almost! but made mid-back sore, so stopped).

KB frontsquats @ 36/40/50 lb – easypeasylemonsqueezy, except getting the KB up on shoulders.

PC + Frontsquat @ 53/63/73 – the PC was easy at those weights, I was failing at the frontsquat on the last set.

C&J mostly @ 63lb – that’s light but I was doing a nice clean drop and decent jerk.  When I started BBC dropping into a full clean wasn’t something I could even DO.  So, yay for functional flexibility.  Of course my frontrack still sucks.  (This is what a bottom position looks like –

Bridges were cake until about an hour after I went to bed… likewise mountain climbers.


I’m pleased at how much my strength and conditioning have improved.  🙂  Still wish it was all powerlifting though.  😀


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