I drive by this pretty much every day

They cleaned out (cough, cough) the homeless encampment in back of the train station last week.  That means they went into the brush and hauled out all the belongings and put them in neatish stacks on the side of the road.   The homeless folks just move back in.  They may only confiscate things that are clearly stolen (so I am mystified why the shopping carts are left, but okay).


This is about a mile from my house.  I was stopped at the railroad tracks waiting for a train to cross, so I snapped a quick pic.  On the street by the train station, there are also numerous permanently parked RVs, so it’s a fairly large group of homeless folks down there.

It’s a rainy day, so it’s dark.  And yes, that’s the natural state of the chaparral, especially in November.  Our nature isn’t especially green.  The vertical weeds aren’t natural, the scrubbrush is.  Quite a lot of it is sage.

Any brush bigger than 4 foot is fair game for someone to live under, here.


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