Gym Records 11-17


Coach Jo was out this week (Hooray, the woman needs a vacay) but she left us a workout.  I don’t do jumping, and the CF folks were doing max effort backsquats, so I eliminated the PVC OHS broadjumps (and the groiners) in favor of working on my backsquat.

I did the kettlebell snatch at 18lb – I really should have upped the weight, but when I walked in, I was tired, so okay.  That was cake.

Snatches were all over the place.  I didn’t realize until I was done and racking up for my backsquats that I’d grabbed the boy bar (44lb, and 6″ longer than the girl bar, which is 33lb) which is probably why nothing was working – my balance was off, and I thought I was doing lifts @ 55/75 when I was lifting @ 65/85 and struggling.  I put it down to body issues, and cut off the snatch work early.

Floor presses @ 50% were cake.  I did them @ 65lb.  Banded KB swings were a pain, and I feel the Dragon Flags this morning.

But backsquat, which is NOT on the list?  I PR’d that sucker.  😀  235lb and I definitely had more in the tank.   That’s 10lb on my old record, which was harder work.

Will I hit my 250 goal by 1/1?  Unlikely… but you never know………………………………. 😀


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