Gym Records 11-7-16


Last night went pretty well, I was surprised.  I went in super tired and disinclined to move much weight and things came together pretty well.

Took my powersnatch to overhead squat up to 82lb, which pleased me.  Body was happy to do that, things are aligning well.  Snatches/OHS are NOT my thing, so I’m happy to feel my body playing nicely.

Snatch practice I took up to 73lb, it was getting hard to put down properly.  (This may have been 93lb, but I think 73… I honestly can’t remember if I put that third 10lb plate on the bar or not.  And I couldn’t remember it last night 20 min after I got home.  LAME.  This is why I scribble stuff in chalk on the floor, people).

Pitchforks were solidly felt.  I see that I was supposed to have 45 lb, didn’t notice that last night, had 27.  meh, I felt it.

This is what a snatch should look like.  Mine is not this pretty.   But FYI.

This is the OHS:


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