Gym Records: BBC Nov. 3


A good night overall.  Front squats were better – my triceps are SLIGHTLY looser.   Incremental is improvement.  But seriously I can’t wait for my front-rack to be functional.  Did @ 22lb then 42lb.

Clean from boxes… was having trouble landing the clean last night so kept that light too.  Which made my clean mucho better.  55-55-55-65-75lb

Pause DL – well, aren’t these fabulous for form work?   Learning to tighten the rest of my body up, so I don’t rely on my back while I’m pausing 3 seconds at the knee, at the top, and then again at the knee… I really felt this in my abs.  I’m working (on all my lifts) on extending my torso and locking it in, it feels better.  It feels awkward too, because I have a very long torso!  But it’s the direction of truth, as t’were.    Last set here was @ 163lb, which as a set of eight, with pauses, ain’t too bad.

Split jerks are a problem because I can’t jump.  I gave it a go until Foot threw a fit, then did a few regular jerks.  It was pretty late at that point, so off to internal rotations and side planks.

It was a long night but fun.  And yes, one of our coaches/members likes a beer after he works out.  I went home and had some ryecrisp with yogurt cheese and pumpkin butter, my vitamins and a big glass of water.


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