Changes/Diet update/Etc

You know how FB does the thing with the memories?  The picture to your left is from six years ago.  The picture on the right is yesterday morning, after seeing the picture on the left.

I weigh *exactly* the same amount in these pictures.

What’s the difference?  Muscle.

First I found T-Tapp, which I whole-heartedly recommend to anyone who likes a tape workout at home, especially for toning.  That made a huge difference in my waistline and torso.

Then a year and a half ago, I started doing Crossfit and weightlifting.  I whole-heartedly recommend these to anyone who can handle the pain.  (Starting up is not for the faint of heart, but the results are incomparable).

This is my top weight, not pregnant.  I’ve weighed about 10lb less, usually 5lb less.  When I exercise off the weight, it stays off.  It takes *for-ev-er* but it sticks.  When I diet it off, it comes back off and brings friends.  (Or how I’ve broken myself repeatedly).

So, that brings us to the current diet.  Y’all know I’ve been trying an ancestral diet recently.  I like it!  I’m not terribly strict, because I’m not doing restriction anymore.  It’s about putting in good things, trying new foods, eating more of the foods that ‘should’ work for me.  (This is, btw, just a diet, not a reduction diet – just a new list of foods).

I’m totally in love with ryecrisp with yogurt cheese + ?  I’m eating that at least once/day now.  Y’day’s lunch was reasonably typical.  Four ryecrisps, loaded w/yogurt cheese, with sliced tomato on top and a handful of hazelnuts to finish things off.  NOM.  Ryecrisp with cheese and a touch of jam is a lovely ‘sweet’.  It’s so much EASIER to live life with a bread-thing.   And I’m noticing the satiety that rye is supposed to bring.  It’s sneaking up on me, but I’m noticing it.

Right now I’m trying to put a bit more effort into eating more veggies over the course of the day.   Since I prefer cooked veg, that means prep.  I like veg, but cooking one when you want to eat right then isn’t always the thing.

Anyway, it’s going well.  And because my body is OCD, my calves and the outside of my thighs (neither of which is a problem area) got thinner this month.  -shakes head-  My body is crazy, but I knew that.



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