Colcannon with cabbage

I had a cookbook (briefly) with inexpensive meals.  This is about the only one I ever used.  Like most inexpensive meals, it’s carbarific, but it’s dead easy to do.  Familia likes it.  Familias tend to like carbarific meals, don’t they?  I don’t cook like this much anymore, going primal for a few years really resets your cravings.

  • Potatoes (+milk/butter/cream)
  • Sausage (probably breakfast sausage is best)
  • Cabbage (chopped)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Bacon grease

Cook sausage in rather a large frying pan.   When cooked, remove sausage, add bacon grease if your sausage wasn’t greasy enough.  Add cabbage, cook down thoroughly (yes, you want rather a lot of fat to fry cabbage – it’s extremely low-calorie/nutrient dense on its own, and it wants the fat to carry its flavor).  Season to taste (aka heavily). Meanwhile, boil the potatoes (lots) and mash them into a glorious fluffy mass.

In a large bowl, put a mound of potatoes in the center, then the cabbage in a ring ’round the potatoes.  Sausage goes on top of the cabbage.  Serve.

You could serve this with something crunchy like raw carrots or sourdough bread or celery sticks, or just as is.  Again with the comfort food.  And again, not a huge long time in the kitchen.  45 min, probably.  From scratch.  Cabbage, potatoes, and breakfast sausage are all cheap, cheap, cheap.


2 thoughts on “Colcannon with cabbage

  1. Elspeth

    This isn’t as carb loaded as I expected from your description. Of course, I consider potatoes -in moderation- a very acceptable allocation of carbs.

    Looks good though.


    1. hearthie Post author

      Acceptable? Yes. The majority of the calories in the meal? Not for me, not any more. (The sausage is there largely as flavoring, the cabbage is for the vitamins/flavor – the potatoes are really the star). I could have put amounts, but basically I have never fried more sausage for this than I do to go with breakfast.

      Might be a good meal to serve with fried eggs for a cheap dinner though, you’ve gotten me churning. Break the yokes over your pile of potatoes … that would be good.

      Liked by 1 person


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