Crossfit in the morning

We pushed a “prowler” with weights across the parking lot and pulled a sled with weights likewise.  Lots.  My legs are feeling it!

That was enough to keep my weights light for the WOD – we were doing “shoulder press/pushpress/pushjerk” to failure, and if you put down the bar at ANY time during those movements, your round was over.  So I really went with a light weight, the push/pull had me panting.  (43lb instead of my normal 70something)

I can tell the difference in my cardio capacity with less CF.  It’s a high-challenge workout, and if you don’t stick to it, you soon find that you lose ground.   Even so, I’d much rather do BBC.   I would say, “I could try running or walking” but my foot is pretty mad about the pushing across the parking lot too.  Just stiff, but still.

Switched to a punch card with my gym.  Trying to save a bit of cash for Christmas, and possibly feeding a new puppy come January.


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