Gym Records

last night was the night of odd exercises… and my body wasn’t cooperative after the usual cycle break*, so it was just oddness everywhere.

Did the front squat with dumbbells @ a total of 40lb, which is about 50% for me.

Was going to do power clean & jerks, but coach put the kibosh on that.  Shorted those … I was really struggling.  Got up to 75lb, but I was just messy.  Terrible form.

Below the knee DL is what I have records of – and that was hilarious.  So, you prop the bar up on boxes, so that it’s just below your kneecap so that you can just lift from there up.  But I’m so short that when we did that, I ended up having to stand on two plates.  Oy.  Just OY.  So, 2 sets at 115, 7 reps; 1 set at 145 – 6 reps; 1 set at 175 – 3 reps.  I did my three sets of eight reps @ 145 – more wasn’t happening.

The banded KB pull throughs were skipped (or skimped) by nearly everyone because they were super weird and targeted the lower back more than anything else.  Did do a set of 25 regular kb swings @ 18lb after giving a go (probably 25 total) to the others.

Reverse hamstring curls is kneeling on the GHD machine and leaning forward.  Which is nervous making.  I do feel my hamstrings today.  I did some sets on the floor too.  I’m still a little scared of the GHD machine.

Carrying the barbell was.. interesting.  65lb is super light for me to stand with.  So I was like, Nooo problem, c’mon guys!  Then… ouch.    My body was fine (though I can feel my bellybutton today) but my shoulder girdle locked up nicely.   OW.


*I suffer from menorrhagia and I don’t – can’t – work out on cycle.  This time I should have stayed in that extra couple of days, forsure.   My energy wasn’t back.


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