Women’s Retreat Weekend

For the first bite of spiritual result, see HHH:  https://hearthtobelovely.wordpress.com/2016/10/16/be-not-weary-in-well-doing/

We had the retreat (MUCH more like a conference) at the Calvary Chapel Conference Center/Bible College, in Murrieta Hot Springs.  ON a hot spring, so there were hot springs around the property to sit in. The hottest hot spring (black) wasn’t meant for people to sit in, but the springs were piped down through streams and pools so that they’d gradually cool, until they got to the pond at the bottom.  Ducks and geese and mudhens enjoyed the pond, and so did I as I sat there.

Saturday I was able to spend some time in the hotsprings, which were nice.  Not all that hot, but very relaxing.

When I say it was a conference, not so much a retreat… I’d like you to just LOOK at this schedule:

Busy, busy, busy!

It was a good time, but I’m very tired.


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