Gym Records 10-10-16


Workout last night was pretty good.  I PR’d my overhead squat @ 83lb (that’s from a power-snatch, not from a rack, might have gone another 5-10lb with a rack).  Snatch is still difficult for me, getting underneath the bar isn’t my thing.

  • So, PS @ 53; 63; 73; 83

My coach needs a sign that says, “Control the Weight” for me.  I swear she tells me that every time I’m in.

  • Spent most of my time snatching trying to DO that, so stopped @ 63lb.  Someday, I’m going to sort this position out and then we’ll be cooking with gasoline.  But my body learns slowly.

Bench was good, really good.  I took my time on form and it showed – my sets were easy until the last lift or so.

  • 50% @ 63lb, 70% @ 83lb

Barbell suitcase carry… learned the hard way to carry the SHORT bar last time, so that was fine.

Barbell wipers – awkward, but fine.  Next time will go with heavier bar for ballast.  (Toes pointed, up at 90 degrees from hips while flat on back.  Feet 90 degrees to one side, then over to the next, while arms are braced up with barbell in them).


Diet:  I certainly haven’t lost any weight, but I’m feeling pretty good, even energy levels and all.  So, I will give mad props to the cheese & ryecrisp diet inclusion.  Have expanded my ryecrisps to include open faced sandwiches – anything is good as long as the bottom layer is creamy enough to offset the crisp factor.  Have not yet made oatcakes.  Did make roasted veg, which were good.  This week’s roasted veg may be a fail – I bought a beautiful big butternut squash (not ancestral, but a normal fall craving) and it’s stringy/soggy.    Might blend it into soup or something, we’ve had a cold snap (by which I mean I’m not wearing a tank top).  That would include some chicken bone broth into the mix, and which is also a nutritional powerhouse.


Talking to dog lady, things are sounding promising.


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