Never believe me when I say I’m giving up on a dream

It’s not that I’d deliberately lie to you… but I’m very good at temporary self-denial.  Key word:  Temporary.  I rock at stiff-upper-lip.  It’s only a flesh wound!!!

Remember this post?

Um.  So, I was stressed out and looking at puppy pictures online, surfed over to the only breeder within a long day’s journey … and they were taking puppy applications.  I got excited.  Then I drooped, telling myself that I didn’t have a chance at a puppy (the breed I like is rare – the breeder I have my eye on has a litter every couple of years at most – I don’t plan to show or breed… all of that works against me).  And then I told myself that that was stinkin’ thinkin’ and I should at least TRY.  And then I told all of that to my husband who shook his head in amusement and told me to write the people already.

I’m on the waiting list.  -blinks-  Subject to approval of all three co-owners and enough puppies, I might be getting a Leonberger next January.


Yeah.  I do that, since we’re talking about weaknesses.  I’ll deny myself something until I snap.   I’ll give up until I think up a back way ’round to my goal – because I *never* stop thinking about how to achieve my goal, even when I officially give it up.  I never stop thinking, period.

And yes, I’d still like that place in the country.  I’d like my business to get off its rear end and start business-ing.  I’d like a lot of handmade clothing.  I have enough goals to share – does anyone need some?  (I do find it baffling when people say they can’t think of something to pursue.  I droop and wilt when I get discouraged, but I don’t run out of goals, just out of energy).

Anyway.  Just the idea that I might get a dog I’ve been dreaming about is cheering me up.  The whole “opening a business and not getting any business” is REALLY depressing, if you want to know why I’ve been shedding stress balls everywhere.  I mean, I’m GOOD at what I do… and I’m asking a fair price… oh well.  God willing it will all come together.


So why a Leo?

  1. I want a BIG dog.  I live half a mile from a homeless encampment.   Do I need to explain further?
  2. I am NOT a dominant person.  I can train an animal, but I’m not into being alpha all the time, it wears me out.  Therefore, a “sharp” breed is not a good choice for me.  No GSD, no Akitas, etc.  I want a deterrent, not an attack dog.
  3. I don’t mind fur, but I don’t do drool.  This eliminates Newfoundlands and some St. Bernards, as well as Mastiffs.  Plus Mastiffs raise your home insurance.
  4. I would like a healthy animal.  And there go the Swiss Mtn Dogs and the Bernese and their brethren.  Overbreeding & cancer.  😦
  5. I have a yard, but it’s small.  And I have cats.  No “hound” breeds and mostly no livestock guardians.  There’s a 6′ fence, I don’t need a dog who jumps it to go chase the coyotes.
  6. Yes, there are coyotes in them thair hills.  Dog bigger than coyote, see point #1.

Leos have more energy than most giant dogs, but they’re not Border Collies.  They’re rare, and most breeders care very much about their health.   They’re HUGE and furry and have a deep bark… but they’re big sweethearts who like to hang out with their people.

And … that’s why I have wanted a Leo.  🙂

thanks for putting up with me… 😀  Off to research raw diets, since that’s what this breeder feeds her dogs.


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