Imperfection doesn’t always have to be fixed

Have been thinking about this for a bit.  An INFJ thing is being a major perfectionist, and … yeah, that.  Not on things I do – I’m not OCD by any means – but in and of myself?  Er.  Success is the only option.  If I’m not perfect, I fail.  That’s not a functional way to live life, so here are some things I’m letting be.

  1.  When I’m stressed, I need lots of attention, lots of people telling me that I’m a good bunny.  Why?  Because (see above) I hold ***very high*** standards for myself, and I need to hear that I got into the game even if I didn’t hit the mark right off the bat.
    • This is super annoying for the people around me.  So … I make a joke of it, “Is Gooooood Bunneh?” or I take my needy self to the gym so the coach that I’m paying can tell me that I did my lifts correctly… aka that I’m a Good Bunneh.
    • I let myself use social media to get a few pets.  This isn’t actually all that functional, but it’s better than nothing.  Yes, I totally am confessing to using selfies to feel better about myself.  Yes, that’s totally NOT perfect.   I should be above that… but I’m not.  I have other fish to fry – I’ll come back around to this one another year.
  2. I do stuff in fits and starts.   I am the queen of working really hard and getting a pile of things done and being all things to all people… and then collapsing and taking a nap and watching stupid things on Youtube for a week.
    • So yeah, just accepting that maintenance isn’t my thing – and making lists of things to tackle when I’m in productive mode and *trying* not to beat myself up when I’m not.
    • I say this, but honestly the kids are still getting to school, dinner is still on the table, laundry is still done, the pets are fed, even when I’m floppy.  See point #1, being hard on myself.  I’d like to be in productive mode *all the time*.

Sometimes I just have to be okay with NOT fixing every little thing and being perfect every single second of life… sometimes, I just have to be okay with being a human instead.


4 thoughts on “Imperfection doesn’t always have to be fixed

  1. magistratrium

    I appreciate your transparency here. I have a tendency to either be too hard on myself or not hard enough. Extreme is the common theme.

    I’m having to learn to find a balance and accept my humanity without excusing my sin. It’s hard a times, isn’t it?



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