Gym Records 10-6-16


Worked up to 95lb on the powercleans, but that last set was messy.

The complex… was supposed to be sets of three, but honestly I treated it like 15×1, even though I dropped weight to 55lb.

Tried a couple of split jerks, my foot wasn’t having that after yday and the DL.  Just tired/sore, arch especially.

Pause DL hurt my hands – a lot.  Note:  Straps help, gloves don’t.  New PR = new 60%, so those were @ 165.

I always feel ridiculously vulnerable on the reverse hyperextensions, since I’m so short.  It’s a partner exercise for me – can’t climb up and keep the loop on my ankle!  But otherwise they’re fun.

Tabata was fine, I liked the situp talls.  Russian twists made the centerline of my abs remember that it had spent most of the day being nauseous.

This AM I am stiff – mostly back, just below shoulder blades.  Traps?  Have been putting on pectoral muscle this last six weeks or so (not my fav, TBH).  Knees also stiff today, but that’s from the DL on Wed.  Not really *sore* anywhere properly except maybe shoulders.

This last six months or so, have been really concentrating on tightening core muscles for big lifts.  Can feel that now when I am lifting, which is fine.  It does give me a lot more power – and my back, while stiff, has not been sore very often at all, even Wed/yday.  Well.  Coach Jo always says if you feel the DL (or any lift) in your lower back, immediately drop the bar.

Random:  Some dude at the CF class when I was warming up for BBC had seen my DL video on our gym FB channel, and he walked up and said, “Was that your PR?  Awesome work!” and fist-bumped me.  I didn’t even know him!   Coach Al gave me some good praise in that vein as well.  I dunno, maybe I’ll hit my New Year’s Resolution of 300lb after all.  That’s a LOT to ask in a few months’ time, we’ll see what we see.


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