Santa Ana Stash Airing

We’ve had a cool, damp, summer… much to my pleasure.  But it’s no good for stored fabrics, even fabrics stored properly in cedar chests.   This weekend we’re having a Santa Ana – aka desert weather – and I’m using the hot and try to air out my fabric stash and my fabric chests.

I thought  y’all would get a kick out of this, or at least a laugh or three.

And I found a few things that I’d forgotten I had!  (The white is a scrap of silk left from having my wedding gown made – I think I might have just enough to make a corset someday.  Yes, that’s real silk, not the silk-poly you can get now).

I don’t have a problem.  Why does everyone say I have a problem?  😉


ETA:  This became inventorying and neatly re-stashing, including *three bags* full of scraps (some quite large) headed to ASG next month.  I can now shut all my fabric drawers properly, and have inspiration for my next makes.

ETA2:  Quite a lot of the bulk of stash is large cuts of wool from my mom’s occasional treks to the PNW, where she always hooks a girl up by stopping by the Pendleton Wool Mill outlet.   I also have a few very nice things that I’ve made over the years stashed to be remade (long wool skirt) or given to grandkids.



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