Business chatter (whine)

Oy.   This trying to tackle the first paying client business is stressful.   :p

First things first, if I’ve helped you out and you want to tell the world how fabu I am, drop over to HIC ( and leave a comment on the testimonial page, won’t you?

So, now my sad, sad story…   I’ve been open for business since Sept 1.  It’s the 20th.  In that time, I’ve scouted three malls, upgraded my business wardrobe a bit, listed myself with yelp and thumbtack, blogged, sewn, and generally worked my tail off (oh, and gotten my kids to school and ran my normal life).  Am I on social media?  Yes, I am.  LinkedIn, FB (pro,not just personal), Instagram… I’m there.

Do I have any clients?  Nope.  -sigh-  Eternal optimist that I am, I was hoping to start working right away.  Not so much, really.

I had hopes of selling (or at least giving away) a ton of books.  I’ve earned enough in royalties to buy myself lunch, and 13 people have availed themselves of the free book code I’ve given out.  (That sucks too, because I’ve given out about 50 codes.  So only 13/50 could be bothered to download it…)  I had run the numbers and figured out that the book would basically be marketing and education, but I’d hoped to do a little Christmas shopping too… and so far?  Nope.  (If you’ve read the book, leaving a review would also be cool – where ever, you know?)  (If you want to read the book for free, drop me a note and I’ll email you a code).

Research indicated that some folks are finding clients through thumbtack, which is a way to source professionals in your area.  So – yes and no.  Yes, I’ve gotten three requests-for-quote, but no … no actual clients.  (TT says it averages 10 clients before a first time win).   Yours truly is NOT used to the rejection process, so people who actually *know* that I exist, check out my website, and then decide that I’m not what they want?  NOT AWESOME.  (I totally get that this is now my life, I’m not mad… but it sucks and this is my blog and I get to be real about it).   Of course no feedback about “why” so … I don’t know what I can fix.  Probably that lack of reviews on TT, which is a lack ’cause I don’t have any clients.  Can’t produce what I don’t have, y’know?  (At least I have stranger-inquiries through TT, so that’s cool).

Anyway.  I normally just throw myself harder into the game to fix any lack, but that’s not going to fix this.

I feel like sometimes we only blog when things are a win.  This isn’t a win, this is hard.   It will be okay in the end, but right now… it’s hard.  I was diligent in my preparations, and … this is still hard.  I guess I should have known that it would be?  Eh.   I’ll get over it.

-deep breath-  I DO have to take the boy out tonight, maybe I’ll go get a book and boba.


I went out for a book and boba…. didn’t get a book, did wander around B&N.  But on my WAY to get said sympathy drugs, God hooked me up bigtime with a full double rainbow.  We ****very**** rarely get 1) rainbows 2) rain 3) full rainbows 4) double rainbows, so this was pretty awesome.  And on the way out, I got a great sunset with clouds and lights.  I feel happy.   Also, boba is yummy.


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