Denim Skirt Redux

This is a lightweight, somewhat stretchy denim that I picked up at Joann’s.   I’m using an (extremely) out of print Vogue pattern for a long, drapey A-line skirt, which I have altered to a six-gore skirt (I prefer gores when dealing with denim, and it reduces the piggyness of this pattern – which is a fabric gobbler).

We’ve seen this skirt before… in medium-weight, light blue denim, in heavy-weight dark blue denim, and in any number of other fabrics.  Right now the dark denim (well-worn) is in my go-bag, and the light has long since met the garbage bin.   You’ll shortly see the two-panel version in a medium-light linen.  It’s flattering and easy to deal with, what can I say?

I like to belt my skirts, and previously I’d used exquisite metal buttons, but they had a shank, and that was uncomfortable.  Well, I remember buying this button, but I hadn’t when I grabbed the buttons off the shelf – so that was my cool moment today, finding it and happy squee.

So, this is me in the closest thing you’re going to see to a white t-shirt and jeans.  😀  Wardrobe building, that seems to be my mode right now.


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