I feel better now

See… the thing with my figure changing is that it’s NOT “my old figure, but smaller”.


I’m pretending to wear heels, don’t laugh

Actually, I’m not really much smaller at all.  It’s a DIFFERENT sort of figure than I’ve dressed before (at least on the woman in the mirror).  I’ve never been athletic,


I have this outfit pinned, lol

and though I’m still carrying a lot of fat, my gym work is undeniably showing in square shoulders, straight posture (I need to take a picture of myself from the side now – there is virtually no overlap of back past the back of my arm) and a firmer body overall.

So, my highly structured clothes designed to complement a soft figure with a large bust-to-waist difference just don’t work


would you look at the drape?  -pleasedface-

properly anymore.    What’s suddenly working is what made me look blobby before – draped stuff.

Anyway.  I went shopping for myself, on purpose, today – I wanted to get a bunch more ivory blouses (basic wardrobe block), and I hit the “good Marshalls”  (the one 30 min south of me that has the designer stuff, not just the usual), then back to Loft and … well.  I think I may honestly be able to smell Ralph Lauren.  Why does he love me so much to make clothes in my very very FAVORITE colors?  Hm.    Found a date dress too.  It’s the best poly I’ve ever felt – feels like silk, and my hands know silk.  (I don’t usually like poly at all).

Well.  I needed to have someone to show the haul off to.


It’s a white t-shirt, maybe winter white, with good drape and a great neckline.

Here you go – and this does give you a good idea how much things have changed!!!!!


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