And the bad news …

… my figure has rearranged itself enough that this dress now looks like a sack of potatoes.   I’ve put it on the remake pile.  My LWD, gone!  -sigh-


I made it to fit over my corset without showing unduly (I was having a lot of shoulder pain then, so I preferred to wear a corset instead of a bra).  Even w/o the corset, it fit well.

But no more.  No more.


5 thoughts on “And the bad news …

    1. hearthie Post author

      I’m cranky with my body today. It decided that mylower back needed to get thinner, and my upper rib area. Not my belly. Plentttyyyy of fat there to eat. But no. Let’s work on the top two tiers of our six pack. -headdesk-


      1. Booky McBookerson

        It always leaves last from where you want it to leave first, lol. At some point I’m going to attempt taking in a dress by hand (something to do in the cold cold winter). It will be a learning experience… That’s right.

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