Incoming Sewing Projects

  1.  Shirt for DH in baby blue – has been cut and languishing for months
  2. Ivory gauze tiered skirt for yours truly, half-cut likewise.  (Most-Shrunk-Fabric-Ever)
  3. Maxi dress for 12yo
  4. Skirts for myself… recreations

Fabric mart had linen on sale, so this will be reappearing, about one shade darker:

004 (2)

This is probably the most flattering skirt I’ve made for myself, and at the moment my life doesn’t have one.  Simple to sew up, too.

And Joann’s had everything on sale, so I snagged some denim:  (Joann’s is fairly reliable about having good denim.  Everyone does know to watch sales and combine like a madperson, right?  Prices on fabric there are otherwise unacceptably high).   Denim skirt replacing was very high on my wardrobe list this year, my current denim skirt makes me sad.  No more knee-length skirts for me.  Dresses yes, skirts no – bad proportions.

018 (2)DSC04895

I feel a tad naughty about buying any fabric with my current stash, but there you are – I’m a bit nuts and I’ll use both of these until they’re ragged.  Plus the flowers make me happy.  😀


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