Modesty in sports

Real modesty is about dressing so as not to draw attention to yourself.  We tend to interpret this strictly sexually, dressing to cover your secondary sexual characteristics. Different cultures (particularly religious cultures) do the modesty thing their own way, and the garb evolves to become more cultural than modest-as-not-to-draw-attention.

IMO you have to figure this out for yourself.  Your body, your culture, your husband/father – and your activities.

Insofar as I’m concerned, the modest option for sports is to be dressed to perform the sport, and then perform it.   A swimsuit in the water is one thing, a swimsuit on land another.

So, I crossfit.  Today, for example, I was

  • upside down (wall walks)
  • on my back (bench press, full range situps)
  • bent over (running with the medicine ball)

We skipped bear crawling today, but that’s usually part of our warmup… and this, of course, a mixed-sex gym.

A skirt is not modest in any of those poses.   Loose shorts are not modest in any of those poses.  Pants are annoying, plus crossfit gyms are not airconditioned – it was 82 degrees in there at 6am.  (That’s reason 1 I switched to a tank for summer.  Reason 2 is because I lift heavy weight and had an “ah ha” moment where I realized that my coach probably *could not* watch my form properly in a baggy t-shirt – which is dangerous for me).

And then I just wear colors and styles that amuse me, because I *like* working out, it’s my playtime.  I dress for play.  And this is what I look like, before and after.  I am dressed entirely for my own amusement and function.  Do I look good?  No, I don’t – especially after!*  (By the time I was done, I had to lie flat on the ground and pant before I got up.  No one looks cute like that.)  Is it modest?  I dunno.  I know I’m not dressed to show off anything, or get attention for anything other than bright colors and general cheer.

When I go to the beach, I wear a swimsuit and a sunshirt.  It’s tight, loose clothing is dangerous in rough surf, and the surf is usually rough here.   Again, not dressing to be looked at, dressing to do the sport.

And I’m dressed so I’m not even *thinking* about men, either to make them not look at me or to try to catch their eyes.    I think that’s the essence of modesty – not to even think about it.  When I see the guys in similar clothes, I’m not ogling them.  I’ve got other things to think about.  And since I live in SoCal, near the beach, I’m very, very used to seeing people in assorted states of undress.  Even the homeless dudes spend the summers without shirts.  Eeesh.

Anyway, I’m rambling and I really need a shower… 😀



*I’m pretty sure I got the bruise on my thigh Monday night at barbell club but I’m not sure.


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