DSC04753Someday I’m going to make a proper Wardrobe Sewing Plan and I’m going to have a list and a budget, and I’m going to the garment district with a Uhaul truck…

I’ve been wanting to get up to the La Brea Tar Pits for ages, I’d only been once – thirty years ago, and my kids hadn’t gone at all.  I’ve been too constricted, having too few adventures, and this was going to be the summer I got out of the box a bit.  It turns out that Mood*  is mere blocks from the Tar Pits (and the LA county museum).   Well, you know I had to hit Mood, right?  I mean, MOOD.

So I convinced my dad to go (not hard, he loves LA) with, so that my poor abused children didn’t have to go to the fabric store with me.  Turns out, the smaller child didn’t want to go with, so she stayed home with my mom.  We hit the tar pits (good fun) and then my dad and son (peas in a pod) wandered around the gardens a bit and then hit the LACM while I walked to Mood (about 3/4 mile away – hey, I wasn’t trying to find more parking in LA).


Mood.  Oh, Mood.  Proper garment fabric.  Mid-range garment fabric, not the low-end stuff I can find in San Diego county.  I could still be there… and if I’d been sewing more, or had a plan, I’d have come home with armloads.  As it was, I exercised great self-restraint and only bought two pieces.  One is for my husband, one for me.

The post-laundry picture of the shirting just doesn’t do it justice.  This fabric is luminous, the quality of the cotton is high enough that it shimmers slightly, especially with this light twill weave.  The stripes are darkest navy… I could go on, at length.  They had a few color-ways of this stuff, and I’d have happily have brought all of them home for DH (none of them are online, I checked).  This will be a dress shirt intended to wear to interviews and formal events, it’s just luscious.


The shirting I bought for myself is a light-weight Italian cotton.  It’s thick enough to be opaque, but light and crisp enough to promise cool comfort in my warm climate.  (It’s warm here most of the time, summer-weight clothes are my default).   The warm red and ivory are very basic colors for me.


I could have shopped my little fingers to the bone!

Now, the question is… was it worth the 5.5 hours I spent in traffic?  And I don’t have an answer for you, though that does lead us to my opening statement – someday I’m going to make a wardrobe (sewing) plan and go up with an empty trunk and bearers.



*So is another quality fabric store, named, “The Fabric Store” – but I didn’t have time to walk to and visit both.  Another day.


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