Swatch collection grows

I bought a bunch more fabric (story in a sec) yesterday and spent the rest of the day turning it, and the other fabric bits I had, into swatch material.  I’m still missing some colors (yes, really) but I’ll make a list after this is sewn up – I’m done with “off the cuff”.


Soooo… at my last ASG meeting, we got clued in about a big “by the pound” quilting fabric sale at a church.   Someone had left her collection to the church to be sold off for missions.  “By the pound” is generally cheap, and small bits of fabric scrap is *exactly* what I’m looking for.  Win, I put it on the calendar.

The church listed their sale with every quilting guild in the area, and put it in the newspaper for good measure.  Of course, it was a zoo.  Which was the problem, because the church didn’t have a clue how many mad quilters would show up, and they put the fabric sale in a teeny tiny outbuilding that could only hold 30 shoppers at a go.  Bad Idea.

The next bad idea (which flowed from the first) was not sticking a head out and really thinking about what to do with the line.  And they didn’t – we stood in the line (fortunately mostly standing under shade trees) for over an hour before the ambulance came for an elderly lady at the front of the line*.  You see, it was 95 degrees in the shade yesterday morning, and nearly all the quilters are elderly.  The firefighters/EMTs were most concerned (and quite sweet).   When I got in the shop, the church moved the line to the sanctuary and some AC.

The shopping was good, and I expect the church did quite well.

A bit of an adventure for a Saturday morning.


*She was lucid and sitting up when she left, we had a few RNs in line and a doctor who helped her after she collapsed/before they came.   Well enough to apologize for “the entertainment” to the folks who saw her wheeled out.



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