Critique Requested

What do y’all think of this book cover?



I made this smallish, ’cause since it’s an e-book it will mostly be shown as a thumbnail.

Does it look interesting?  Professional?

Input requested.  🙂


Or this one?  (This is max font size, fwiw)


Or (thank you so much Jenny!)  This, which took 15 minutes (vs. 1-2 hours) on Canva.

Wardrobe Communication



16 thoughts on “Critique Requested

  1. Elspeth

    My initial thought is that it is missing something but I am not sure what. It doesn’t seem to do justice to the wealth the book has to offer, Let me mull for a bit.


      1. Jenny

        I think you should play with the website They are one of my favorites. You have to make an account, but I get it for free and the results look professional when I’m done


  2. Elspeth

    I had Bright Eyes take a look at it also, but it might just be a case of similar tastes due to proximity. We both like the softness of the font on the top one (but not the sizing) but preferred the design of the second one.

    She says (every so sweetly and respectfully, LOL) pop for some good software.


    1. hearthie Post author

      LOL If I thought I’d make more than the cost of good software, I would. My math says that, at best, by the time I pay off the IRS, I will be able to pay the family bank account back for my business start up costs.

      I’m trying for a decent cover that doesn’t say, “this book is a piece of cheap crap”.


  3. Cassie

    I think the top one is very pretty, I love what you did with the background design! I have to second the comments about the title not standing out very well though. Since your software didn’t let you make the letters bigger, is there a “bold” button to click, like there would be in a Word document? That could help with making the title more noticeable, if it lets you do that. Or maybe a font with thicker letters that still looks pretty and flowy?


  4. Cassie

    There’s something slightly off about the second one, but I’m struggling to put my finger on it. Though,maybe I’m just *trying* to find something wrong since you’re asking for critique, heh.


  5. hearthie Post author

    You have all given me plenty to think about. I’ll be back at the drawing board (on canva) soon.

    (I argue because I’m paying attention, not because I don’t like the input).



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