I spent my morning at ASG sewing swatches onto cards, which went reasonably quickly… not that I don’t have five billion to go.

Because there does seem to be some confusion, scarves are for draping/determining season.  I will eventually probably have a few more sets than I have now, but not too many.

Swatches, however?  I hope to have -literally- a thousand or more colors available eventually, and a good run of colors before the summer is out.  SOMEONE I know (batts eyelashes) was sweet enough to send me some fabric scraps to use in my mad collection.

So, this is what the collection looks like now.  As I said, it will get crazy from here… 😀



PS I am starting to add new content on, which will *always* be specifically fashion/image related.  You want sewing or business or what’s on my mind in this moment, it’s here.  If you want religion, that’s HHH.  I have too many blogs, sort of like swatches, I seem to collect ’em.  😀


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