Scarves for color draping

Worked on my scarf collection for color draping.  Don’t know that I will add too many more sets after this – I have “black”, “white”, “pink”, and “if you’re not X season you’re going to look dead in this color”.


Swatches – I need to get some greens and yellows and purples.  Oddly, I’m really well set for whites.   Eventually I hope to have hundreds of colors to choose from, but I know that will take time.

So, that’s what I did today – went shopping, bought fabric, turned it into scarves and swatches.


4 thoughts on “Scarves for color draping

  1. superslaviswife

    A really wide variety of earthy neutrals would be good too. Some wallflowers need to know what hues of brown and grey look awesome on them, and everyone, myself included, needs to work out the subtle differences between neutrals.

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    1. hearthie Post author

      That’s what my other autumn friend said, lol. But I am differentiating between seasons, and y’all get virtually ALL the “earthy neutrals”. I do need good swatches of browns, yes.

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      1. superslaviswife

        Haha, that’s true I guess. 😛 Although some sandy and dusty and clay colours are recommended for other seasons, if I recall. I suppose I’m just thinking about my wardrobe. “Hearthie, you don’t have enough colours that suit me!” 😛


  2. hearthie Post author

    I think there is some confusion between “draping scarves” and “swatches”. Draping scarves are to determine your season. Swatches (I’m up to 3 gallon zip bags full) are for picking out your individual best colors. So, I’d hold up that dusty mauve (your pink) to your face and the brown, and you’d look good… I remember being a bit confused between autumn and summer for you, I’d compare those to the blue-grey and baby pink, and immediately dive into autumn colors. From there, I’d narrow down with swatches (as I did virtually for you, and will do with the fabric cards IRL).

    I’ve been going back and forth about selecting reds and blues and greens for the swatches, but frankly reds, blues and greens are HARD to identify properly in the fabric store and you’d really have to snag the ****perfect**** shades of those colors to throw folks into teams properly. People at large don’t see color well, it has to be very obvious.



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