Book Review: Boss of You

I hit the library the other day and made out like a bandit… amongst the spoil were a couple of books about being in business for yourself.  This book is particularly focused on the woman business owner who prefers to keep things small, rather than going for the gold ring.   (Which made it a reassuring book to read, not alien – otherwise I don’t know why we have to have pink books and blue books about business ownership, but whatever).

I worked through and got the following:

  • A mission statement
  • A quote that sums up what I do, which I put on the problog, as a header
  • A good idea about how much I’m going to have to work (ahem, billable hours) to make my monetary goal.  Billable hours are waaaay less than hours actually worked, so that’s reduced my guilt at how much the going rate for image consulting services is, substantially so.
  • A bummer realization that the book is going to be a customer resource, marketing and education, not a major money maker (unless a publisher buys it, or it becomes rampantly popular).  It ought to pay for itself and some of my startup costs if I’m fortunate.

I might well go and get a copy of this book, even though it wasn’t perfect, because I think it makes a good resource.  Or maybe I’ll just keep reading, looking for the “perfect” book before I buy!

This was well worth my time and I got a lot of info.

Caveat Emptor:  It is a PINK book, and it’s as left-wing as a book about making money could be, I expect.  If you don’t want to sift, don’t read.

Full title:  The Boss of You:  Everything a Woman Needs to Know to Start, Run, and Maintain Her Own Business by Lauren Bacon and Emira Mears


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Boss of You

  1. Elspeth

    There are few practical realities for women business owners trying to do so while maintaining some semblance of a cohesive family life. In the end that always has to be prioritized. In that sense, I can see the appeal of a book geared toward entrepreneurial wives. Otherwise, I agree with you. Without that slant (which would acknowledge the different functions of husbands and wives) there is really no point in a pink book for business women. Although I’m sure it bumped of sales a bit. So there may be a point after all.


    1. hearthie Post author

      It wasn’t about WIVES, certainly, so that aspect was completely ignored. Which would have been useful – for instance, I don’t have to worry about purchasing health insurance.



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