Random Outfit Post

For the day at the county fair… which will be hot, sunny, and include lots of walking (and shopping!).  *Required* light weight, light colored overshirt, comfy long skirt (yes, I’m in love) made out of spiderwebs… and there will be sandals and sunglasses and a purse I can sling cross-body if I need to.

Pretty squee about getting to go to the fair today with just the older child and my BFF.  I’m going to look at things as long as I like (whoo!) and shop at my leisure (which is a good thing – our fair has goods I can’t get elsewhere and for cheap – I highly recommend your gem and mineral show for jewelry shopping, if you have one… you will NOT find those prices at the mall – or the stuff, tbh).

I have a new mindset, so less boho stuff (I have a jewelry box full) and more upscale goods.  Also need a leather purse about half the size of the one I currently rock.  And presents.  Great place for shopping for presents.



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