Project Makeover Continues

If I want people to take my advice, I have to be willing to take it myself!  That means that yours truly needs to get out of her comfort zone.DSC04544

Today I searched out the basic pair of high heels that DSC04548every woman really needs – nude.  (I was hoping for something in my brown, but that’s not what I found).  Insta-legs.  Hey, I only have 28″ on my own, I need the help!!

And I went into two stores that I’ve never let myself enter, because they are “too high end” for me.  (Fear, baby).  I ended up buying a skirt in each store.   The plaid was love at first sight, the ivory pleats are on trend and make me a good bit taller.  DSC04542

Finally, I got two of something that looks amazing on me because I know it’s such a find.   One will get stashed, because fitted sweaters stretch out.

On the more personal front, I’ve dropped some weight and yet more in the chest, so my pretty red shirt that I wore today is never going to be worn by me again – it was falling off.  :p  The turquoise sweaters are medium, and my skirts are getting a tad loose.   Just as well I need to do a wardrobe upgrade, my wardrobe won’t fit after this summer DSC04546anyway.

It was a good day.  Outside my comfort zone, except for how amaz I look.




(PS I will make a new lace camisole, that was dead easy to do and obviously it’s a basic in the wardrobe… plus equally obviously, it also no longer actually fits)



8 thoughts on “Project Makeover Continues

    1. hearthie Post author

      It’s not you. Fortunately that’s about a yard of lace-edged fabric, with a dart and some ribbon straps. I’m going to replicate it … a little more sensibly, because I think it makes a nice basic, especially with this skirt.

      Seriously, I’m going to have to start getting rid of things I like at this point. :/

      Oh. Yeah. I guess that’s what comes with losing the weight I want gone, especially at my height.

      Found a good home for some of it though.



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