Jade Green

Someday I’m going to come home with an elephant in this color.  I have no reasoning power whatsoever when faced with jade green.  None.

So this is the other dress I sewed up from the Simplicity pattern I’ve been working with.  It’s very comfortable – I think I might change the sleeves eventually, the short sleeve feels casual to me.

Did the makeup and all  (need to figure out some other things to do with hair – stat) for practice… I’m sure I’m going to be vastly overdressed for the school conference I’m headed to!!!!!  That’s okay, practice is important.

Have a lot on my mind, hoping to vlog after I get home from said conference.  Might as well, all painted up and everything… 😀



9 thoughts on “Jade Green

    1. hearthie Post author

      There are a few colors that switch over. Jade green (this shade) is a smidgen dark for me, I look better in its brighter cousin. Remember autumn colors are warm like Spring colors, just muted and usually darker.



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