So much deep thinking over the past two weeks.  So much writing today.  I’m a crispy critter – but I’m done.  The book is out of my hands for the next month while various folks give it a read and I ignore it completely.

One of the deep thinkings has been to fully process the thought that if I want to be different, I have to act differently – I have to act like the person I want to be.  And you start thinking about that a little and you say, “okay so I’m not just talking about the outside, I’m talking about the inside”.  What would the person I am working to become do in my situation?20160607_190936_resized

Thus my quick trip to the beach this evening.  This is my thinking… my energetic, grounded self, the self that uses her body and is the very most me… that self doesn’t sit around inside when there is salt and sand to be had.  Especially when she’s full of nervous energy!

Even ran a bit, just ’cause I could.  My foot may have words with me about that tomorrow – I can feel it stiffening up just a tad now.  LOVE CF for giving me the lungs and strength to run, even if for only a few, even if I’ll pay.

On my to-change list:  Spending a heck of a lot more time outside.  I love outside.

Particularly pretty (my cell phone camera does not do them justice) Jacob’s ladders with the sunset colors through the clouds this evening.  June Gloom – I love it, even if the board of tourism doesn’t.

PS the water is nice and warm… it’s probably good that DH doesn’t like me to swim w/o a lifeguard, I might have come home somewhat soggy.  Soggier?  I did wade… 😀


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