Rush of brains to the head


  •  I need to give swatches to my clients
  •  I don’t want to pre-make swatch books, because I plan to customize my swatch collections
  • Stapling (which I’ve done off the cuff) looks tacky



  • Solid-colored scrap from the current dress projects… and past projects, stuffing up my storage areas.



  • Cut swatches with pinking shears
  • Get shipping labels from the office supply store, and some loose ring-binder rings
  • Sew scraps onto labels


Voila!  Professional looking swatch cards……



3 thoughts on “Rush of brains to the head

  1. Cassie

    Oh that’s clever Hearthie! I love it!

    Have you thought of a way to connect the swatches together? I’m thinking – using pretty colors of fabric ribbons and tying them all together with a bowknot of some sort.


    1. hearthie Post author

      Yes. 🙂 But no, not a bow. You know the rings in ring binders? They sell those individually. (They’re called book rings). Thus, the hole in the tags. I bought some of those too.

      The thing with swatches is that you keep them with you so you want them relatively compact and durable for shopping, and you want to be able to hold the color right on your garment on the hangar, and flip them around. I’m making fairly large swatches, because I’ve been shopping too many times with my mom or godmother, squinting at a little bit of color… I’d rather have a big piece. Plus it’s (IMO) more professional. Excited about the oaktag paper, because that means I’ll be able to write notes on the back of the tags, like, “stick closely to this swatch” or “this is just a guide, most colors in this range will be good on you”.

      I’m getting excited about products I can set up for my customers. 😀

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      1. Cassie

        Oh you’re right, bookrings do sound more professional than ribbons do. And they make more sense than ribbons for flipping through them like that!

        That’s why you’re the one with the business. 😉

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