Restructuring Life

Two more weeks of the old pattern… summer of transition… big changes ahead.


This is going to be a rare post where I talk about household organization.  I have two children, a daughter who just turned 12 and a son who will be 16 later this summer.   It is time that they learned how to run a house.

I feel so much guilt for saying that, at the same time I know it’s totally true and right!  :p  My mom worked 60 hour weeks and my dad worked two teaching gigs when I was a kid… who do YOU think cooked dinner on week nights?  Made the grocery lists?  Helped with laundry?  Was it the cats?  (I don’t have siblings). No, no I don’t think so.  Restructuring includes getting over myself.

So – I’m going to pass over quite a few chores to the minions, at least for the summer.  (They don’t know this yet.  Poor minions).  I never want to do my kids the disservice of not knowing how to do basic life things, and do them well, without a lot of drama or  overthinking.   My mom taught me the easy-peasy ways to do life, I can teach them.   But the only way I can DO that is by letting them at it, and finding something else to do with myself.

In addition to kid supervision and entertainment, I have things to do this summer.  There is work stuff, and the kids and I all need to lose weight – so there will be substantial outside time.  (This falls under entertainment).   No swimming lessons this summer (a hooray) which means we don’t have to be home at a certain time each day.   We’re getting out, for the good of all our souls.   I have some very excellent sunscreen.  :p

And coming up in fall, my daughter will join my son in charter school four days/wk.  Thus, the first time in four years when I won’t have at least one child at home all day.   My husband always intended me to go back to work part-time when the kids were in school solidly – it’s been a bit of a detour that this didn’t happen as early as he’d hoped.  (Some of that was the public school and its psychotic scheduling – there is no job that would have put up with that schedule).  But as of August, they’ll be in school solidly.  Not so much every day that I would want to be working in an office (assuming I wanted to go back to office work, which I do not), but enough that skype consultations and shopping trips can happen – with no more interruption than the odd cat running through.

This all feels really super weird and I’m dealing with a Greek Chorus of guilt… but whatever.  I’m still going to be there when they need me, consulting is pretty much the perfect job for someone who needs to be home erratically (there is still a school schedule to deal with, although much less psychotic).

Sorry for the lack of posting here, I’ve been pouring my creative energy into the book, and today I’m taking off to sew and chill out.  I do have that second dress to make, after all.  😉

Ciao dahlings!  😀


A quick note for those following my transition posts:  Yes, the new skin care has worked.  My skin is substantially softer than it was, and quite a bit of the weird textury stuff has gone away.  Being nagged to take better care of my hair has reaped a similar harvest, except now I want to throttle my hairdresser for not being straight with me about how much needed to come off with the last cut.  (aka I had a haircut a few weeks ago, and look like I’m months overdue).

The book writing has been coming along well, I spent most of last Monday typing my little fingers to the bone and editing/restructuring.   I expect to be done with that soon, at least done enough to send to my various first-readers and letting it sit before final edits and formatting for ebook.   The problog has been bought and paid for, I’ll be working on that as soon as the book is resting.  (Reveal when I’m ready – I’m not, as yet).





3 thoughts on “Restructuring Life

  1. magistratrium

    I understand the Greek Chorus of guilt. I deal with it, too. One of the things I love about my job is that I can take my son with me to work so we still have loads of time together.

    Good for you in teaching your children how to do housework. My boys helped me around the house a good bit, especially the older ones. My oldest is better at cleaning bathrooms than I am and my second son can make simple meals without much fuss. My youngest is a bit spoiled since we have cleaners these days, but once the school year is done, he will learn to do his own laundry. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jenny

    I’m beginning to look at school choices too, this might be our last year of homeschooling. sniff, sniff. We’ll see. My oldest is needing peoples, lots of peoples and activities to keep her busy and happy.



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