Transformation Tales: Adventures in Skincare

I have a good friend who is something of an aesthetician… and she said she’d help me with my skin care.  Okay.  Actually she nearly screamed when I answered her question, “so what do you wash your face with?” by saying, “soap?” I was given a shopping list and a lecture about the skincare appropriate for my 20yo self is not appropriate for my 43yo self.  (FWIW when I got to Ulta, the lady helping me also face-palmed at the ‘soap’ answer.  Who knew?  It’s very NICE soap…)

From the looks of the various counters, I’m still seriously behind in the product consumption … err… I’m okay with that… but this is a short list, apparently.  Anyway.  Now I have *separate* daytime and nighttime routines, because you can’t use your day cream as night cream (?!!?) or the product police will come smack you.  I guess?  (Okay, honestly I bought the stuff because I don’t want my face skin to sag insanely when the weight starts coming off, and it’s getting pretty textury, which I don’t like).

So.  Daytime is … lotion + sunscreen + makeup if it’s a makeup day.  (Do we not want our skin to touch the air?  Apparently not).

Nighttime routine is wash face with foofoo fluffy soap and a brush, then “sculpting cream” if it’s not a acid peel night (a couple of times/wk).  I learned that the sculpting cream doesn’t spread well, and I was sticky a long time last night, so I’ll be more sparing tonight.  I could feel it doing things… so okay.

I love clothes.  I don’t love skincare.  I guess I’ll learn?

Anyway.  I wish y’all could have seen the skin care lady’s face when I said the S word.  -snort-  Such a “surely you’re old enough to know better…. you don’t look like an idiot…”

But don’t worry, my dear soap purveyor, I am still going to be washing my face (and the rest of me) with your lovely soap, because I work out and there’s no way I’m getting out of the shower with an unwashed face.  Nope.  (I drip sweat in my eyes, wipe my face repeatedly with my shirt, press my face into the mat… I *really* don’t think a little soap is going to bother anything).


10 thoughts on “Transformation Tales: Adventures in Skincare

    1. hearthie Post author

      It’s a Murad peel, just an AHA. Couldn’t feel a thing. Felt more from the ‘sculpting cream’ honestly. And btw you have great skin….


  1. Elspeth

    Interesting. I go back and forth on the skin care thing. Sometimes I’ll just use soap and say whatever.

    Currently I’m using Mary kay, but I’m not particularly consistent with my regimen.


    1. hearthie Post author

      I don’t enjoy the sealing off of the skin, for sure. But if it fixes the textury stuff… well. We all know my face is meant for Northern Ireland, not Southern California.


  2. Jenny

    I hate sunscreen on my face, I’ll only do it for the swimming pool and outdoor days, otherwise I’ll just wear a hat. It’s fun to try new skincare products, my favorites are always changing. Lately, I’ve been into the Neutrogena nighttime make-up wipes, they smell so nice.



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