Fashion Dictator Uniform

Dress here mostly complete.  Now complete, except for hem.  (One hangs a dress to let the hem drop, particularly when the hem ends up being on the bias at *any* point, of if one is using a loose fabric.  Wide skirt out of linen?  Hang it and wait – or plan to rehem).

LOVE THIS DRESS.  Can’t wait to see how good the green looks… (same pattern, different neckline, in green twill rather than turquoise linen).

And I need more mandarin collars in my life.

This is a quick selfie at 8pm no gussying whatsoever.

Win.  😀  Also, I look like someone who is going to tell you what to wear… and you will obey.  Right?  😀



13 thoughts on “Fashion Dictator Uniform

  1. magistratrium

    Absolutely gorgeous! Do you have a friend to help you hem it? I can never pin it right by myself. I will remember about hanging it before hemming. What s great tip.

    My dear husband bought me two new bookcases for my “bookroom” so I was able to empty my back hall closet and order storage shelves for my sewing equipment/stuff. I’m hoping to do a bit of seeing this summer. I need curtains for my bookroom and have a lovely needlepoint pillow cover that my mother made. I thought I’d back it with upholstery velvet and try piping of some sort to finish it. Any tips on how to do piping well would be appreciated.

    Oh, and I bought a natural colored dress for myself as we discussed at one point. I’m not sure about the fit. I can’t decide if it’s just that I hate my fat tummy or that it doesn’t sit right. Clothes are so hard…


  2. hearthie Post author

    The last time I put piping on something was for a bench that I reupholstered. First thing I’d ever reupholstered. The job isn’t that great, but it comes down to using your zipper foot (piping foot if you have one, otherwise zipper) and being careful to keep a consistent distance from your piping (preferably snuggled close, but consistent > close).

    You know, I fussed about the hems for a long time, because I have more tummy and tush than hips, so the hems at my hips are always longer… and then I noticed that my fussed over hems were less straight than the ones I eyeballed and then hemmed on the ironing board. So, that’s how I hem things. “It’s about 2″ longer at my hip, okay, taper…”

    If you ever make a circle skirt, hang it. Bias cut anythings should be hung for 3 days (oh, impatience) prior to hemming. You won’t believe how much those will drop!!!

    Fit is everything. How can you tell if it fits? Is your shoulder on your shoulder? Do you have good range of motion with your arms? Is the bust point at your bust? Is it pulling anywhere? Weird baggy drooping anywhere? I cover my tummy with full skirts, but I share the not-love.

    If you don’t like, take it back or take it to a tailor and have it fixed. You don’t need garments in your wardrobe that don’t work.


  3. Utta Retch

    This version of that Simplicity pattern is lovely and fits you well. I have been after this pattern forever and some day I will find it. The wrap version over on PatternReview is fab too. Well done.



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