Book: Buy Beautiful Things

Let me exhort you to buy truly beautiful things.   When you find them, get them.  Not cheap flash, but items that satisfy the woman deep within.

Where, you ask, would I find these things?

Most of the time, you’ll find them sold by craftspeople and artists.   Sometimes in boutiques, occasionally in high-end stores, but most often at street fairs, and on online retailers like Etsy.

I find the pursuit of status symbols boring.   Do you know that people stop me to compliment me on my carved-leather purse?  That wearing a bright-colored dress with feminine detail earns me a delighted response more often than not?   We *say* that we want to support American made goods, that we’re pro-small business, and that we love our artists and craftspeople… but do we support them by purchasing their products?

No.  We lack courage to do something a little different from the mainstream.  Or we just don’t think indie when we think about our basics.

Let me do my part to shake you out of this mindset.

I took a minute and looked on the Target site to get an idea of what pleather mass-market purses go for.  ($30) Then I took a few minutes and searched etsy, setting the “American made only” filter on… oh, and I want real leather, not faux. ($30) ($40) ($38)

Let’s go a bit higher-end, shall we?   The Coach outlet sells the handbags for 50% off, according to a brief internet search.  If a slouchy handbag sells for $300, that leaves us $150 for our own purse search.

Not made in America, but sold from a small boutique in my area… less than $150.

Do I even need to speak about what you can find from independent jewelers?  Or my obsession with hand-painted silk scarves?  Oh.  Nordies is selling those here…

Or etsy

If you’re going to spend the money, spend it well.

Let’s have a beauty revolution!




5 thoughts on “Book: Buy Beautiful Things

  1. superslaviswife

    Brilliant chapter/section, with good solid advice. I think another aspect to using things like etsy is the uniqueness: everyone will have a purse from Target, a few will have a purse from a big name brand, but chances are you’re the only one in your town who ends up with a genuine leather, American made, hand crafted purse in the right style and size for you and the season. Even subtler things, like everyday purses and t-shirts, can be a sort of statement when you are the only person who has one.


      1. superslaviswife

        The amount of unworn clothes in so many women’s wardrobes really speaks for how impulsive and unwanted some purchases are. Something bought because it was on trend, on sale, or just pretty, but that was never considered beyond the buy.


      2. superslaviswife

        Absolutely! Funny side note: Jon is one of the few people who understands my shopping habits. If I go into a shop of any kind and see something I want, I will often stare at it until I’ve worked out whether I really want it, leave it in the basket only to return it later and leave it on the shelf only to go looking for it. With my odd understanding of numbers and up and down impulse control, I often get fixated on something I don’t want or brush off something I do want. It takes a little time to process these things.

        Jon sometimes gets it wrong and pushes me to buy something I’m unsure about. But generally he can tell when I need to process something. On the other hand, most other people I’ve shopped with either want to convince me to buy everything I fancy or offer to get it for me. :/


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