Life, liberty and the pursuit of snuffleupagus

I routinely bounce between two modes – either I’m bored or overworked.  I do it to myself, no sympathy required.  This week has been “overworked” in spades.   I’m concentrating on easing back on the accelerator pedal a bit in the week going forward, and changing my focus a bit.

One of the foci for the week(s) ahead is some sew-jo!  So, let’s talk sewing plans.

  1. I’m working on some shirts for my mom.  I promised her some sewing (as gifts) ages ago, and she has a trip coming up, so promises are getting fulfilled.  Still in the fitting process.white dress 006
  2.  L-D dresses.  I found an old pattern in my stash, and a picture of me wearing said pattern (some years back in the sewing/fitting skill set) and said, “Yes, please”.  I have jade-green, lightweight twill and some linen just the color of my eyes (en route) that are scheduled to become (although the jade will have a faux-wrap front, and the linen will be sleeveless):
  3. Speaking of re-doing old patterns, FB strikes again and reminds me of this pattern, which my daughter loved (except for the sleeves).  I have a length of gauze for her (denim colored) and ordered a second length, so she’ll have another couple of these dresses coming soon.  I’m going to try to wrangle a strapped version for myself in ivory.  It looks like a 003 (9)hot summer coming up – it’s April and we already had a string of 80 degree days – so flowing gauze should be very practical.  (This is nearly year-round fabric here… can be worn through November/December, and will be all I wear in Aug/Sept).
  4. I also have an ivory tiered gauze skirt cut – somehow I came home with not quite enough fabric so I have to go back.  Not a tragedy, they had *bolts* of it.
  5. DH just started crossfit, so I’m holding back on new shirts for a few weeks – but we still have plenty of those in queue.


A big problem for me is making time in my week and in my head for sewing – I have a lot to do, so some restructuring needs to happen.  There’s always so much going on!

I did get my DBA into the paper, next up is working on my professional blog, after which it’s business card time.  Also (as you’ll have noticed) been writing more for the book.

Oh, and you know – homeschooling my smaller person, keeping house, doing errands, volunteering with FACESS, hanging out with my hubby, going to crossfit, doing friend stuff.  I is tired!  But happy, very happy indeed.


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