I am pleased to say that I got a lot done today…

I researched business licenses and fictitious business names (legal stuff) in my area.   Called the city, it’s all very straightforward.

I decided on a business name (unless it bounces, but I checked the online database, so we should be good).

I networked with two women to get ideas about my business – one for inspiration, one for business acumen.   (Apparently I really REALLY need a separate business bank acct, unless I like the IRS’s nose in my behind).   (Oh, and don’t take offense if you’re one of my sample people and you get a note in regards to a written release for use of photo/analysis.  Just business).

So – I’ll plan on running to the city and county either Friday or Monday.  Once I get my business name, I can have cards printed (my gmail address will work as a professional address, it meshes very well with my desired business name, so I don’t have to set up a new email) and set up my pro-blog.   (I will want to incorporate the business name into the blog, and they want you to set the blog address as step 1 in blog land, so you see why I need wait).  (Also the blog address goes on the cards, and probably my cell phone number.  Bah.  I’m going to have to learn to answer the blorking thing).  (Everyone who knows me knows my phone lives in the bottom of my purse).

Also I cleaned the bathrooms, did laundry, swept and mopped floors, dusted a bit, drove children around, got prettified and went out to dinner with my husband, and made some appointments.

A good day.


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