Gotta Be Me

When I was a little girl, it was common to see women of all ages occasionally putting live -flowers in their hair.  It’s a look I like.  It’s unselfconsciously pretty.    I wore flowers in my hair every Easter, and sometimes just because.

I don’t know when live flowers fell out of fashion.  I see them often enough in pinterest shoots, or for brides… but how about the regular Jane?

I’ve never put flowers in my hair but that I’ve gotten compliments, usually from strangers.  The sort of compliments that hit my sweet spot – you know, the goal of being a pretty flower on the roadway of life, something to lift your heart and make you smile?  That’s the response I get to wearing flowers.

I wore flowers to Easter service this year (not pictured, I went Saturday night) and I re-did my hair for Easter supper with my folks.  I probably could have skipped the geranium and rose, but they were fun.  (Must.Get.Mirror.For.Back.of.Bathroom.Door).   Next time, I’ll remember (although wisteria season is 3-4 weeks at most).


Anyway.  I call myself Hearthrose for a *reason* – and you’ll be seeing more live flowers (not to this extent, Easter is special!) hanging around in the future.  I gotta be me.

Seriously.  It’s pretty.  It smells nice.  It harms no one.  It charms everyone.  What’s the harm?  More play, less stress.  🙂


5 thoughts on “Gotta Be Me

  1. Cassie

    Pretty 😀

    I’ve worn fake flowers (the kind that are glued to hair clips) in my hair on occasion too, but not real ones. I also can’t believe that I’ve never thought to do that.


    1. hearthie Post author

      So… I live in a world where pretty young women no longer pick daisies and wind them into their hair… I’m not sure whether to be depressed about that or happy that I’ve put the idea into your head…

      Liked by 1 person


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