Fashion Predictions

I’ve pulled my wee head out of the fabulousness that is only thinking of everyone’s perfect style and gotten my nose into a few fashion magazines, so I’d like to make some realistic fashion predictions:

  1. Androgyny is in.  Ultra-femininity is out.  Practically, this means that you should skip investment in suits that include peplums.  Go for a more classic blazer look, with a narrower collar than you might have chosen 2 years ago.  Virtually everyone has a little industrial edge going on.
  2. Sheer is in, as is mesh.  This will be a good summer to pick up a fun topper in a sheer or a mesh.  This is a one-or-two season item, don’t spend much.
  3. Pleats are back, thank heavens.
  4. While body-con everything is still holding on teeth and toenails, I predict that in the next couple of years, a boxier silhouette will return to popularity.  Wearing ease – it’s time to reacquaint yourself with the concept.  (Those of us whose figures don’t allow bandage dresses are cheering).  Volume – watch for a change.
  5. Skirts are firmly in, including for office dwellers.

The point of fashion tips is to keep you from looking dated.  If you’re looking to buy something that should last you for five or ten years, you don’t want to be insensible to fashion.

Will keep you posted as I digest the fashion mags.


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