Dark Dieting Suspicions and a Question

Dark Dieting Suspicions…

All them thar newfangled diets work by tricking you into eating fewer calories than you normally eat.  Some bodies trick pretty easily, especially if you’re in the habit of eating poorly… switch nutrient poor, high calorie food for nutrient rich, low calorie food, and your body will be so happy to get the extra nutrients that it will overlook the calorie deficit.

This has never worked for me, because I’ve never made a habit of eating nutrient poor food.  My body can tell pretty quickly when I’m in calorie deficit, and it screams bloody murder.

I’m just going to have to do the very slow, controlled, “go to bed a little hungry”, “watch your portions” thing… takes forever, and it’s tricky to make sure you always have that felt deficit in calories, but it does work.  And no bounce-back, like with fad diets.

My body takes care of itself, and I don’t gain weight quickly either – I have always gained weight in periods of time where I was eating for the energy boost, the rest of the time, my weight is stable.   But I have to fight for pounds off.  I can switch fat for muscle -and have done – but eventually you have to burn the fat off too.   It needs to be okay for me to say that this is a pain in the tail, BUT that I’m going to get after it.  Since I stabilize pretty well, once it’s done and stable (that’s another stage, and one I neglect too often), I should be okay.

I lost 8lb when I was sick, because I was burning five billion calories/day fighting off whatever it was and eating made me tired.  2lb came back, hoping to hold it to that.  Certainly not getting anything else diet/exercise done this month.  (Still have infection in my system, still very tired, still can feel the gluck down in the very bottom of my lungs, although I don’t cough unless you make me laugh or something).  I’m really cranky about not going to the gym…

And that’s something positive.  It’s not just the restlessness, which isn’t around this time because I’m not feeling energetic enough as a whole to be restless.   I’ve changed profoundly as a person, caring very much about the interruption in my training.  I want to get after those lifting gains – and I’m going backwards, sitting on my couch.  I know I’m going to go back weak, and need to take it very easy while I work back up.  Probably take a month of open gym before I hit another WOD.  And I hate that.  And that annoyance makes me happy, because that means I really have found something that I love, that I do with my body.

And the question….

Those of you who saw the post about the wardrobe design for my husband, you saw that I did something slightly different/additional for him, when I put the pictures of the colors for different wardrobe parts in lines… I’m thinking that would be a *very* nice addition to the purchased offering for my clients.  What do you think?  Would you find that valuable, more so than just words on a page?


4 thoughts on “Dark Dieting Suspicions and a Question

  1. Elspeth

    You’re muscular, with that layer you need to burn off. Athletic in build and yeah, your type (apple?), I’ve noticed in several family members and acquaintances have stable weights which you have to work extra hard to lose (or gain). Hang in there, it’s gonna come off. You’re looking much stronger already.

    i agree with you about fad diets. What I found for me is that what I am doing is working for me precisely because it is NOT a fad. This is my life (lazy Whole 30), for several reasons, not the least of which is that heading into my mid-40’s, I don;t need the hormonal and cellular inflammation that comes from too much sugar and excess carbs.Not going back to the old way.

    Now, my body type (endomorph/hourglass) does not keep a stable weight without a lot of effort. I lose quickly, I gain quickly, and I can lose quickly. That’s another reason I like this plan. I can eat without fear of everything heading straight for my hips, thighs, and butt (which is where I gain my weight first.


    1. hearthie Post author

      -grins impishly- I’ve gained in my rear end – where do you think all the muscle for those lifts is stored? Mychael invited me to a fitness group on FB, they had us take beginning pix, and honestly I wasn’t too sad about mine. Especially from the back, lol. I might post *that* one.

      We all have to find what works. I had my insta-diet heartbreaks, I had my pout, time to slow-n-steady.


  2. Bike Bubba

    All diets work to persuade people they don’t need that much food, really. The trick is to find the one you can work for long term–you can choose temporary psychology or long term psychology, but you will get a big dose of psychology in any diet.


    1. hearthie Post author

      I really REALLY really REALLY hate being hungry. I can do, “just a little hungry” for some time, but on average it takes me a month to game the other diets. Darn being able to cook! Grateful to my work in the gym that changed, “lose 60lb” to “lose 30lb” … which, assuming I lose slowly enough to not lose muscle, will get me 25% body fat, which is a respectable goal IMO.



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